Today's Hip Hop Fashion Brands

Hip hop fashion is everywhere. Hip hop clothing designers have certainly made a mark in today's fashion. Urban fashion is more than oversize football jerseys, and baggy jeans for men and skintight mini-dresses, and low rise jeans for women. Actually, urban clothing has evolved over the years to include a wide variety of styles. Just as fast as the music has spread and inspired listeners of all colors and backgrounds, anyone can wear urban wear and look good. Here are some of the top hip hop clothing brands:

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    Hip Hop Fashion History

    Hip hop fashion is a style that originated from African Americans, Latinos, and Caribbean-American youth who were based in Districts 5, a New York City. However, the hip hop was influenced later by many other places, contributing to what we know about hip-hop fashion today. Of course, hip hop fashion is a reflection of their culture.

    Since the 1980s, different brands have had on the hip hop scene, including super sports brands, Adidas and Nike, Inc., which added to his popularity. Articles of clothing like leather jackets, Dr. Martens boots and sneakers were used, becoming his "uniform."

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